Massages Tailored To You.

A massage is a great way to relax, de-stress and enjoy a sense of well-being, along with the added benefit of releasing muscle tension.

Your comfort is paramount and a full consultation will allow us to tailor your treatment to make the most of your appointment.


Swedish massage

-30 to 60 mins-

Swedish massage is the technique all therapists train in first before moving into further styles such as aromatherapy , reflexology and Indian head massage. It involves the compression and release of soft tissue to reduce muscle fatigue, tension knots and induce relaxation.

where we perform massages

Hot Stones

By choosing the hot stone option you are intensifying the effects on the circulatory system and it is ideal for those who love to feel warm.

Aromatherapy massage

-90 mins £60-
This is a personal, bespoke massage based on your symptoms, concerns and feelings on the day. A blend of up to 3 essential oils is created especially for you and is applied to body using acupressure techniques designed to strengthen and restore the balance of the nervous system.

Indian head massage

-30 mins £28-

A soothing seated massage targeting the upper body, head and neck; ideal for those needing to clear some head space!