Cancellation Policy 2022

Dear valued clients;

We have had to implement a cancellation policy as in recent months the number of no shows, or clients cancelling an hour or two before their visit has started to impact our business.  If you don’t arrive, or cancel on the day, that revenue is lost, we have a team member who was ready for the service doing nothing and there are bills that need to be paid to keep our business open.  We remind you of your visit by email 7 days prior and by text message 3 days prior giving you ample opportunity to make any changes. Deposits can be transferred or refunded if you give us 48 hours notice to cancel. We all love our work, and seeing a busy day turn in to a slow day has a negative impact.  We appreciate there are instances that are health, family related reasons, but to be fair the policy has to be applied to every case that gives less than 24 hours notice

Please see the full policy below should you need to cancel:

  • To make a cancellation either respond to your reminder email or text, failing that contact 0114 2666288, or email
  • 48 hours notice to cancel is required to prevent loss of deposit
  • Less than 24 hours notice no refund of deposit – you will be asked to pay in full before your next appointment.
  • If we have to cancel your appointment due to any staff/salon issues no loss of deposit


Thank you for your understanding regarding this policy.