How to build a skincare routine to suit you

Oct 18, 2023 | Blog

One of the biggest problems about skin care is that the market is crowded with so many products claiming to do so many things, containing magical ingredients to answer your concerns that it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and buy too many products that don’t compliment each other or your skin.  Check out your bathroom cabinets and see how many “miracle” cures that you’ve bought and stopped using, because quite frankly they don’t deliver the promise. Add up in pounds what you’ve spent and is now going to waste, and you might be surprised.

Your skin is yours and behaves differently to your mum, dad, sister, brother or friends – they might love the results of something, but that something could cause you to breakout.

So how do you resolve this?

Talk to a qualified professional skin therapist, one who works exclusively with one product range and understands how to tailor a routine for the individual. Describe how you prefer to use products (either in the shower or at the sink), how much time you have, what budget you’re working with and most importantly what do you want to achieve.

In my experience the most daunting hurdle to get over is the cleansing – once you’ve nailed this the improvements in your skin are amazing. Double cleansing morning and evening is key, along with exfoliating before we start with eye creams, serums and moisturisers.  There is no point applying these products to your skin if it’s dirty – it won’t be able to get in where it’s needed! The simplest of routines with the right techniques and products will give fantastic results.

We work with Dermalogica and love the education the company offer their skin therapists.

If you want to chat about all things skin then book a consultation (£25), where we will look at your skin, trial products and show you ‘how to’, and you’ll leave with samples to try at home. We encourage you to try before you buy at Randle & Randle, and when you decide what to invest in, we’re with you in person or online