Feb 9, 2015 | Blog

So where did January go?……..

Can’t believe that February has arrived and some well received longer daylight hours – it was nearly 5 o’clock today before I needed to close the curtains; spring is just around the corner!!  (I can smell it – or is that just my new room fragrance)!

The one thing about the seasons changing and the passing of time is that it happens regardless, without us being able to control it, we just have to work with it and adapt to each new day (and enjoy snow days). Adapting daily is something we’ve learned about running a new business – accept that change is necessary and go with the flow.  Ecclesall Rd is forever changing and new businesses spring up all the time, we’ve managed to reach our 1st year opening anniversary on the 14th of this month and can honestly say we’ve never worked harder, or worked such long hours in our lives!  There’s competition at every turn and keeping focussed on our values can sometimes be tested when we see other businesses new marketing campaigns and advertisements aiming to entice new custom.

To keep our values and strengths we’re constantly looking at what we can offer, but it still comes down to the basic fact that we genuinely care about what we do and love the industry.  The staff who work with us at Randle and Randle have worked just as hard as we have to create the friendly but professional environment and we aim to keep that standard with any new staff joining us along the way.  Our latest recruits are extremely boisterous, lively and very cute – they bring a smile to everyones face when they come into the salon and will, in time be fully house trained!!!  I’ve not managed to capture a still photo that does them any justice so far, but there is a short video clip of them in our laundry bag shamelessly advertising for Ikea – copy and paste the address to see Buster (black) and Bosley (white/brindle), or call in to see us as they can usually be found with us in the salon except on weekends.