Jan 10, 2016 | Blog

From myself and the team at Randle and Randle we wish you all a very happy new year!

But now the festivities and mince pies have vanished, and the temperature has plummeted (or the prosecco fuelled warmth has finally worn off), it’s difficult not to get downtrodden with winter blues. The sober realities of January taint us with dry, irritated skin, flyaway hair that just won’t seem to style and aches and pains that didn’t seem so bad through December. Fear not; below are my top treatments and products to see you through!

For when your normal moisturiser just isn’t enough to face the cold winds:

Try adding a concentrated moisturiser or booster underneath your normal moisturiser. My personal favourite is Dermalogica’s medium protectionbarrier repair: a lusciously thick water-free moisturiser that feel likes a serum. It acts as a protective “shield against environmental and internal triggers that cause skin stress,” meaning not only a defence against the blustery walks in the cold, but from the irritation that can be caused from central-heating too. Need something to restore your skins natural moisture levels? Try Dermalogica’s super rich repair: this heavyweight repairing moisturiser is perfect to “use as a protective salve to shield against cold, dry environmental conditions.” Randle and Randle offer free Dermalogica skin-mapping; a thorough analysis of your skin conditions and recommended products to suit your needs (free samples and trials available).


For when you want to throw your hairbrush at the mirror because your hair JUST WON’T SIT RIGHT:

There are a number of reasons for an unruly mane. Firstly, it could be time for a cut – it’s already been 2 weeks since Christmas (honestly), so losing track of time could mean losing track of your next scheduled appointment. Another idea is to change your shampoo/conditioner at this time of year. I love Sebastian’s HYDRE collection for locking in moisture, and the TRILLIANCE for adding shine. A favourite new product of mine is the Sebastian TRILLIANT spray – a lightweight spray you add to damp hair before styling with heated tools. It provides thermal protection, serious shine, and hair that stays in place. The best part? It smells amaaaaazing.


For when you just want to take a break:

Massage is my number one relaxing treat – when stress seems to be physically piling up around you and you just want a moment of “ahhhhh….” Nothing can beat it. I love hot stone massage. Super smooth basalt stones are heated and used in the massage treatment for deeper penetration to the muscle, meaning a deeper relaxation. New to massage? Ask for advice on what will suit you and your lifestyle most beneficially – you might be surprised what can be offered. On the 23rd and 30th of January receive 50{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} off massage with Donna, so if you’re unsure what to choose as a new comer, or you’re a massage enthusiast, this month is a great time to experiment and try out new treatments!


For when you feel like you’ve lost that seasonal glitz and glamour:

Go for a new cut and/or colour! Why not mix it up? New Year: New You! And with 50{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} off all colour services with selected stylists at Randle and Randle until 30th January there really is NO better time to do it! I also find a manicure is a great way to revive that fabulous party-ready feeling.

Indulge yourself this January – there’s treats to be had and offers to be found; Christmas isn’t the only time to sparkle!

Written by: Jenny Marshall

Edited by:  Amanda Randle