Oct 8, 2014 | Blog

It’s a short blog this week as I’m on another training course for two days this week and time is precious.  New body treatments will be on the menu soon so keep your eyes peeled for some offers!

Dermalogica thermal stamp trreatment

Dermalogica thermal stamp trreatment

As new business owners Glynn and I have learned a huge amount in a short space of time. Whilst we have an image and ethos we believe in, trying to get this across to others isn’t always easy.  For some, we’re just another hair and beauty salon on Ecclesall Rd, that may or may not be there in the next 2-3 years.  For us it’s the culmination of years working in the industry we’re both passionate about, learning our craft inside and out before launching ourselves into a long lease with a business idea that will grow, expand and develop with us.

This brings me round to the title of the blog: Effort!  Every morning we wake up and usually over coffee, discuss the possible days events and put time and energy into making our salon look clean, inviting and professional. We’re very fortunate that we don’t have to dress for our early meeting!!

At the moment we are wearing a lot of hats!, We’re managers, planners, cleaners, administrators, technical support, educators and teachers, whilst continuing with our hairdresser and therapist roles. So what might happen if we stopped putting in the effort?  I shudder to think; we certainly would see our trade plummet and our reputation start to go down the pan.  By being “in the business” as a constant presence our clients have continuity and a regular point of contact so we can greet our clients by their first name. Not only that, for both of us, the feeling of not giving 100{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} attention to our investment everyday doesn’t enter our thoughts.  We know what we want to achieve and we’re determined to get there.  We’re loving the daily challenges, learning new skills and watching our work colleagues grow in confidence along with the business.

I remember when my daughter got an award in her last year of primary school – there were awards for best this, best that and best the other, and for each one the child got a medal and a certificate.  The final award was for effort; which she was presented with.  She looked suitably disturbed when I collected her and said, “I can’t believe I only got one for effort, I’ve tried hard all year!” ……my comments?……”that’s precisely why you’ve won it, you’ve never stopped trying and your teachers have recognised that, if you were best at making tea would you stop putting in the effort every time you made a cup because you knew were best?”  She got the point and still does her utmost for everything she undertakes – as does her brother (in case he reads this and gets irritated!)



his coming weekend Glynn, myself and the team are off to London for our ‘Christmas do’.  Ok it’s very early for Xmas celebrations but December is usually a full on month so we decided to do something fun but educational before we’re all too tired to party.  So the weekend will see us all sharing a large apartment in Kensington, food cooked courtesy of Mr G, maybe a few Xmas crackers and party hats followed with a trip the Royal Albert Hall for the alternative hair show on Sunday evening.  Effort………………….keep making it, keep trying and keep learning otherwise you might become bored and take things for granted when in fact you have the ability to make things happen!