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Kristina joined the team at Randle and Randle in June and brought 2 new treatments into the salon service menu; reflexology and Lycon waxing. This post is concerned with her passion for reflexology and the benefits it can bring to everyone who experiences it.

Reflexology, or zone therapy, is an alternative/complementary medicine involving the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands, with the premise that by working specific areas on the foot it affects a physical change to the body. As humans we all have an energy which flows through us, this ends in the feet.  If our body’s energies become blocked, then a disorder or disease may start to show, e.g. IBS, verruca’s.  By massaging the feet to release the blocked energy it allows the body to start it’s own healing process without the need for medication/chemicals.  This isn’t to say it’s a cure all – reflexologists work alongside medical practise aiming to help, not interfere with the process of gaining good health.

Each organ is represented in miniature on the foot, your spine line runs from the inside heel to underneath the big toe

Each organ is represented in miniature on the foot, your spine line runs from the inside heel to underneath the big toe

Kristina qualified in reflexology in 2005 and has continued to study it’s effects each time she treats clients, keeping case studies and records to back up the results.  She enjoys the holistic therapy and creates an experience for the client by ensuring the treatment environment is calm, clean and uncluttered, allowing them to relax into the treatment. The body can then “receive” the therapy; if the body feels under threat in anyway, adrenaline is produced making us want to fight or run from a situation.  Adrenaline keeps us on red alert and isn’t part of the healing process.

So what can you expect from a treatment with Kristina?

After the initial consultation Kristina will know how to proceed with treatment and how intense to make it; she will verbally assess at the beginning of each subsequent  treatment. You will be fully clothed (apart from the feet) and lying semi reclined, before you recieve a luxury foot cleanse with hot mitts to aid relaxtion before the treatment begins.

The feet are firstly warmed up with a thorough foot massage using effleurage (long, soothing strokes) and kneading movements. The clients tolerance of pressure is then checked and the treament begins, working on every zone on the foot. In certain areas where you may have a blockage you may experience discomfort; some describe it as a sharp pain almost like treading on a pin, whilst others just feel a change in pressure; this is relieved with thumb walk, snake like motions.  Kristina will try to find out reasons for this by asking questions and digging for more information.  Some clients may fall asleep during treatment (I always do!), others can experience emotional outbursts or start to feel generally out of sorts. At the end of the treatment the findings are discussed before guidance and after care is given. Reactions to treatment vary according to the condition being treated and the level of energy blockage being experienced.  All reactions are positive and show that your body has accepted the treatment. You may feel on top of the world and completely energised immediately or this may ‘kick’ in over the next few hours.  Some describe the feeling as finally “feeling back to their old self and at one with the world”. You may suffer a “healing crisis”, (which feels like mild flu), especially if you have been under long term stress or have a large build of toxins (alcohol, medication and smoking all contribute).  It should only last a couple of days and then you will start to feel more energised.  One treatment is sufficient to kick start your healing but a course is always more successful.

Book in for a Reflexology experience and let Kristina work her magic to get your head and body working together again in harmony!

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