Nov 23, 2014 | Blog


It’s been an eventful few weeks at Randle & Randle; business is booming and there seem to be changes daily!  I’ll start the blog with the bad/ugly before the good and the beautiful.

Bad and the ugly

So………..the images above greeted us yesterday morning 22.11.14 as we arrived to work for a fully booked day.  Some half-wit goon, with a bit of grudge had thrown two bricks through our windows – nothing had been stolen or damaged, so apart from cleaning up glass which had shattered the entire length of the salon business went on as usual, if somewhat slightly delayed and with added natural ventilation.  We’d like to thank our clients for accepting the inconvenience and their loyalty to our business.  It seems everyone was talking about it so if whoever did the deed was hoping we would shut up shop, it has actually had the opposite effect of making us more high profile on Eccy Rd and people who hadn’t noticed us before are now aware of what we do. We have boards up at the windows and feel as though we should do a 60 minute type make-over before the new glass goes in on Tuesday and do a big reveal – no time unfortunately because that would be good fun! Thank god we’re insured as two large panes of glass aren’t cheap!

Good and beautiful

On a much more positive note we’ve achieved successful treatment promotions and held 2 Christmas events. We’ve enjoyed the company of our clients helping them to shop for themselves and their families whilst indulging in fizz, sherry and mince pies.  For those of you who know me, my usual take on Christmas is get it out of the way quickly with as little fuss as possible (put the tree up Christmas eve and take it down New Years day: Boxing day would be better) so having to dress the windows and be festive in November is a bit of a novelty.  Being in business does dictate that you’re actually working at least 6-8 weeks ahead of others to make sure you’re ready for events/dates in the yearly calendar – so yes we are planning our 1 year anniversary combined with Valentines day promotions now. (Hurray….. we got through Christmas!!).

We’re now open on Sunday and Monday making us a 7 day a week business – we’re testing the waters to see if there is a need for services on these days.  Myself and Glynn are working every day so if we look a little unkempt sometimes it means that a) we’ve probably been eating rubbish b) not sleeping enough and c) overly high on caffeine or sugar!!

We’ve also had staff changes; Kristina has now left to take up more teaching hours at The Sheffield School of Beauty. We’ve welcomed James Rushton (some of you might know him as Mark) back to Ecclesall Rd and he’s with us on Fridays and Saturdays. He has just celebrated his 50th birthday and is excited at the prospect of working with us oldies!  Harry Randle is now working with us on Saturdays under the watchful eye of Mr Glynn, (his dad) at least until we reach the new year.  Who knows he might make a career out of it and start to compete with him!


And finally…………..we have an editorial in the December issue of Westside.  Woohoo; thanks Andrea it looks great, be sure to have a read.  And if you haven’t got your hair or beauty appointment for December make it sooner rather than later!