Dec 7, 2015 | Blog

Is this a familiar sight at this time of year? Tried to get your socks and shoes back on too soon?


Don’t be ashamed; mine are exactly the same. There’s just no point faffing about with regular painting through winter – if you go to the salon you have to leave in flip-flops while it dries (in the cold and rain? No thanks) and if you do it at home you have to sit with your feet out, again, to let them dry while looking longingly at your slippers. I’m sure you’ve had that “they’ll be dry now” moment, only to find they really weren’t.  If I’m going out and plan to wear open toe shoes my trotters are lucky if they get a single coat of polish on all of them (because no one can really see your baby toe, right?). And if you’re not going to put it on properly, base coat and all, you’re going to stain them so they look even worse when you take it off again. Nightmare.

Enter the miracle of gel polish. The process of applying it is just as quick as applying regular nail polish; the only difference is that when each layer is applied you put your hand/foot under a UV light for 30-60 seconds to cure it to the nail. Once it’s cured, it’s dry. When I say “it’s dry” I mean IT’S DRY! No chipping, no spending the next hour delicately trying to get things out of your bag or walking about on your heels, no smudging; it’s not going anywhere. I love having gel on my toes through the winter, it’s hassle free and a really affordable option (Randle and Randle charge £15 for hands or feet) because it lasts sooooo long – up to 6 weeks! And who can’t resist a bright pop of colour when you take your socks off?


Gel toes: easy, affordable, mood-enhancing. What’s the catch?


Of course there has to be some minor t+c’s, so here comes the boring (but important) bit. Because gel cures to the nail, it can dehydrate and weaken it, therefore it is highly recommended, essential really, that it is removed properly to avoid any damage to the nail (don’t pick it off as you could cause your natural nail layers to peel). Randle and Randle have invested in the Essie brand due to them formulating a conditioning remover that you soak the nail in for approximately 5-10 minutes;  the remover contains keratin to keep the nail hydrated and nourished. Don’t let this minor soak off detail put you off – it’s available at the salon for £5 and can be done right before you have a new colour put on (have a cuppa and flick through a magazine), and by following this proper procedure you can expect minimal damage to the nail.

Keep your eye on the website for upcoming offers in the New Year; I’ve been promised a new selection of colours and mega deals!

Written by: Jenny Marshall

Edited by: Amanda Randle