Jun 15, 2014 | Blog

It’s been a while since I last wrote about our venture; or should that be adventure.

Working life has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous in terms of the hours we’re both putting in with our clients, and the concentrated efforts of making our business work.  We’re certainly not stagnant in our approach and we keep reflecting on the salons appearance, as well as the quality of service we’re offering, making changes and upgrading on a daily basis.

Clients often ask us how it’s shaping up working together and if we’ve had enough of each other yet?  Obviously I’m answering personally but I have asked for Glynn’s opinion to support my own; that we’re loving it!  Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few incidents when we haven’t seen eye to eye – and I have been guilty of being a bit too bossy which is to my detriment.  Fortunately we’ve resolved things easily over a glass of wine or two and come out of it even stronger and more determined to enjoy every minute of our relationship, at work and at home.  We’re lucky that we have business meetings informally and regularly (coffee in bed at 6.30am usually works) which we don’t have to schedule in and arrange to meet up.  It means we can deal with any issues quickly before they get out of hand.


So what’s been going on at chez Randle?

We’ve had two successful skin events held in the evening aiming to promote dermalogica and skin health.  Each involved clients being able to try products, have their skin face mapped and enjoy personalised skin consultations over a glass of fizz.  Incidently clients are enjoying tipple Thursday and fizz Friday on a weekly basis.  It’s surprising how many clients when asked if they would like a drink say no  –  but quickly say “oooh go on then” when we mention fizz is an option.  The salon enjoys a very relaxed, fun atmosphere as a result.

Our staff numbers have increased to include a new hair stylist, a Saturday girl and a new beauty therapist who specialises in Lycon waxing and reflexology; taking our team total to 8.

We have been steadily growing our client base and with the onset of the better weather are finding that ‘walk in’ trade is on the up.  Local businesses are recommending our services as we settle into the neighbourhood and using their services regularly:  to name a few, Patoo Thai (excellent Thai food), Manns fishmongers (amazing array of seafood), Sharrowvale Launderette (Roger is incredibly obliging), Pollards (they supply us with coffee, tea and entranklements), Sharrowvale hardware (they always have exactly what we need), Sebastians and the Patisseries (for yummy lunches), and the new wine merchants on Sharrowvale (keeping us well oiled and sane).  All in all, the last 4 months have flown by and have kept us on our toes.  The next 4 should see us introducing some special events and continuing to grow our business.

Watch this space – hopefully the next post won’t be so long in coming!