Apr 7, 2014 | Blog

I may be biased since Mr Glynn Randle is my husband; but his creativity, drive and flair never cease to amaze me. After our best trading week so far, 60 hours in, (etched on my face not his) he created a master piece for a client who was going to a themed evening event, (1950’s murder mystery). He provided banter, education and a Budweiser before completing his work; and I have to say I missed the finished look as I was treating a client on her departure. Thank heaven for mobile phones with the ability to capture a smart image that I don’t have to bother resizing for internet use – if she was the murderess I hope she went for the Oscar!!!

What’s it like to play second fiddle to a creative talent like Mr R? No contest, we compliment each other and anyway he’s crap at the paperwork so a marriage made in heaven and Eccy Rd!!.download-1