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Nov 13, 2017 | Blog

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Everybody has heard of GHD range of hair styling products, but we often do not realise each product has a place in our home.

Hair Dryers

GHD hairdryers are powerful at over 2000w. They are specially designed to give you total control over your hair drying. Allowing you to make sure your hair is ready to style with your wands, tongs, and straighteners. Travel size hairdryers are perfect for popping into your suitcase for creating those beach waves after the pool.

GHD Hairdryer

Technique with GHD

Your hair when it is wet, has soaked up to 3 times its volume in water, making the strands stretchy and breakable. So, it is important to dry your hair thoroughly. Towel dry, but do not rub your hair, squeeze it in the towel. Then using a medium to high heat, dry your hair until it feels warm throughout. This is the point at which your hair is dry. Now it is ready to style. You can then finish off with a cool shot to set your finished style in place.


GHD wands come in a couple of guises, the Creative Curl has a 28cm-23cm tapered barrel and the Classic Curl with a 38mm – 26mm oval shaped barrel. Both have a heating temperature of 185°C and ceramic tri-zone technology. This means your curls will last through the day. The Creative Curl is more suited to a wide range of curls and waves. While the classic wand to more suited to those big bouncy curls. Both have a cool tip for easier styling, though the patented glove is useful for making sure you do not burn yourself.


Tongs are a little different, in that they have a lever on the barrel, these give lift at the roots and are so are suited to those with longer hair. There are two GHD tongs, the Classic and the Soft Curl. The Soft Curl has a 32mm large barrel with spring activated ergonomic lever. It produces big bouncy curls on longer hair. The Classic has a 26mm medium barrel with spring activated ergonomic lever to create consistent curls for a classic style and volume, even on shorter hair.


GHD Straighteners Hair styling

GHD are well known for their straighteners and are consistently on the Christmas wish list of many women. The Classic Styler, is perfect for straightening, curls, and waves on all hair types. The Platinum Styler, comes in various limited editions, such as a pink blush, to raise awareness and money for breast cancer. The Platinum Styler features a unique wishbone hinge to ensure that the plates are precisely aligned. It is perfect for all hair types, including harder to style hair. A mention should go to the Mini Styler, a smaller version that will work wonders on those cowlicks, kinks, and fringes. It is perfect for shorter hair and travelling.

Whatever your hairstyle, there is a GHD product for you. Please feel free to discuss your needs with Glynn and the team, who will be happy to guide you in your purchase.