Elleebana Eyelash Lift

Oct 9, 2017 | Blog

We are excited in the Salon to now be offering the Elleebana One Shot Eyelash Lift process. In just one simple, no fuss professional treatment we can create a sumptuous curl which lasts for up to 6 weeks.  Elleebana is an Australian company specialising in lash services.



Who would not want long luscious eyelashes? We are not all graced with them, so, sometimes we need to give Mother Nature a hand. The procedure uses a keratin rich formula applied to the lashes to lift them from the root so that they stand up and look longer and thicker. It can be used on short lashes to great effect and is a safe procedure as long as there has been no reaction to patch testing.

Lift vs Lash extensionsLift vs extensions

Having your lashes lifted means that you do not have to have individual lashes glued on to yours. Some people find extensions ‘heavy’ and uncomfortable. The lift effect lasts up to 6 weeks, though for best results you should come back to the salon more regularly. You can use mascara after a lash lift, whereas, it is not advisable with extensions. Read our ‘looking after your eyelashes’ blog for more on this. A lash lift can be as dramatic as lash extensions especially if you naturally have thick lash hair.

What is it like to have the treatment?Elleebana Eyelash Lift shield

First, we ensure there is no make-up on or around the eye (please arrive with no eye make-up if possible) before adhering a silicone shield to close to the lashes.  The hairs are then gently lifted and glued in to place.  The keratin based perm is applied to the root of the hair. Its left  to develop for 7 minutes before using a setting lotion to “fix”the curl. After a further 6 minutes the products and curl rods are removed carefully with water. Your lashes are then dried and brushed before completing the service with a tint.

Following treatment we advise against wearing mascara or getting your lashes wet for the next 24 hours so the curl can completely set.

PATCH TESTING FOR ALL PRODUCTS IS REQUIRED at least 24/48 hours prior to treatment

If you would like to give these a go, then book now!