Nov 15, 2015 | Blog

Hello readers!

I’m delighted to announce that I will be the new blogger for Randle and Randle (Jenny Marshall).  Each week I’ll be road-testing products and treatments, giving you information on the latest trends and keeping you up to date with the salon’s latest offers.

This week I’d like to talk about the absolute necessity that is hair consultation.

Every time you go for a hair treatment it is ESSENTIAL that your stylist gives you a thorough consultation before doing anything else.  I’ve been to salons before where I’ve been whisked straight over to the sinks for a shampoo before even seeing my stylist, so when they come to ask me what I want, they can’t see my hair’s natural shape, how I normally style it, or see and feel its texture; resulting in a shoddy cut.  I have entrusted my tresses to Glynn at Randle and Randle for the past 3 years; he knows how to work with it and because he’s been styling it for so long, knows what to suggest.

Which brings me back to the terrifying title of this blog: “I think we should shave your hair off.” I recently had my thick, wavy hair cut again with Glynn – (my current style is an A-line bob), which had overgrown .  In my consultation I said that I was thinking of growing it out, because although I absolutely love the style, I found it difficult to manage day-to-day as I have to tie my hair up a lot and having the short bits falling out all over was a bit of a pain.  Glynn’s response was that he could see how much I loved it short (mainly because I kept saying it), so he suggested doing an undercut to reduce the amount of hair I have to deal with, making it easer to achieve the sleek style which I love – hence the shave around the back of my neck.  I would never have thought of that!  Now I have the style that I want that is 100{a726284e4702f6c98763c39b5d33e401a9dd11829ac24ecf2cbfeef87ee94f49} easier to manage –  hoorahhh!


NB:  I am not suggesting that you all go and have undercuts, this was recommended for myhair and its’ characteristics!

So my point is: talk to your stylist and trust them.  If you’ve been with the same one for a while you should have a good rapport (if not then why not?) and they may be able to suggest something that you never imagined.  They are qualified and working in a professional industry, and though you know your own hair better than anyone, they have a pretty good understanding of what will look good.

Next week: WAXING

Jennifer Marshall is 23 years old and in her 2nd year at Sheffield University where she is studying English Literature.