Sep 29, 2015 | Blog

The summer is well and truly over; leaves are turning from green to golden brown, red and ochre.  The rich deep purples of the fruits of elderberries and blackberries are fading and the horse chestnut tree is getting ready to drop its spiky covered treasure, while the squirrels are in abundance gathering acorns for the winter months.

For the hair and beauty industry this is the time for us to overhaul your colour/hair cut and skin regimen to make sure you stay looking as healthy as possible through the long, dark winter nights.

Here at Randle & Randle we would like to help you achieve your Autumn/Winter look enjoying the convenience of being able to undergo the whole process in one visit.




The latest colour trends consist of a mix of rich berry colours, vibrant blues/greens with some classy nudes and peaches for a softer look.  Well manicured nails never go out of fashion; more and more clients are turning to gel polish as they get a “good to go” finish which means they aren’t wasting time sitting for polish drying before they leave the salon.  Nevertheless nail polish wearers love the fact they can change their colour quickly without soaking off a product; this means you can keep your look on trend all the time.





At this time of year your skin will begin to change, possibly becoming drier and showing some sensitivity.  This is down to a number of factors, including:

Environmental changes – central heating, fires, cold mornings, wind, all dehydrate the skin and can lead to redness/dryness

Dietary changes – eating more comfort food and less salads, veg and fruit makes the circulation a little more sluggish and the skin cells turnover will slow down, leading to a duller looking complexion.

Stress levels – in the run up to Christmas many people’s stress levels rise, add this to ill heath in the form of colds/flu and your skin can become irritated and sensitive, or lead to pustular breakouts.

Using the wrong products – as your skin changes over the seasons the products you used in the summer months may not be doing the job anymore, causing congestion and problem areas, especially around the jaw line and forehead.

Pop in to see us and we will look over your skin regimen, perform the signature Dermalogica FaceMapping procedure and try products out with you.  You’ll get a personalised prescription of products to suit your skin condition with a guarantee if they don’t work we’ll take them back!



The focus is still on keeping coloured hair in as good a condition as possible by using careful colour techniques.  Colours in general are staying cool, whilst blondes are going bronde.  If you’re bold then reds are always a winner, just remember that the colour does fade quickly so using shampoo with colour protection is vital – we recommend Pureology.  Colour is also moving away from the ombre and dip dyed looks, instead the colour is travelling back towards the roots with halos of natural colour worked through the top to keep maintenance low.


Cuts should be to suit your face shape, but the bob is undoubtedly a universally flattering cut, whether worn wavy or short the versatiltiy of the style means it will flatter every woman.  Longer length hair trends are still showcasing the boho look, with soft loose curls and middle partings. Shorter hair cuts are a fast moving trend and the cut needs to suit your lifestyle since it generally requires washing and styling everyday.  For all styles your hairdresser will recommend styling products, shampoos and conditioners which will keep your locks in tip top condition.  High St brands usually contain cheap fillers, sulphates and parabens which will damage the condition with prolonged use.


Listen to your professionals for sound advice on how to maintain skin, hair and nails as the seasons change and watch out for special offers to help you keep on trend throughout Autumn and Winter.  The team at Randle & Randle look forward to meeting your needs!