Looking after your Lashes

May 15, 2017 | Blog

When you first get your lash extensions, you really feel glamourous and cannot wait to show them off. Sophie, our Lash Technician, will explain that they take a little bit of getting used to and you need to take care of them, and here we shall tell you exactly how you should.

First dayswimming

You need to keep your lashes extra dry, for the first 24hrs or so. This means no hot or humid environments such as saunas’ or steam rooms.  Even avoid washing your hair if you can. This is to help the glue cure. After about 48hrs, they are technically waterproof,  you can even go swimming with them. Be careful not to rub or pull at them, as you will damage your own natural lashes.


Yes, you should groom your lashes each day; Sophie will give you a little brush to do this. The brush is like a mascara brush. Take the brush and gently comb out your lashes. Careful not to pull at the roots, start from about 1/3 up from the base of your lashes and stroke up, if you feel a catch, stop and adjust your brush. Do two or three sweeps. Next, close your eye and stroke down the lashes, again taking care not to catch them. Then a final look up and brush up again. The technique is similar to applying mascara. Best doing this in the morning, as you can straighten out those errant hairs that have bent round during sleep.


You should not need mascara when you have such long and luxurious lashes, as the job of mascara is to make your lashes look longer and darken your lashes. As you have long lashes, you will not need to make then look any longer. However, you may wish to apply it to the lower lashes. We suggest having a lash tint to help your lower lashes appear longer and darker; you can have this with your lash appointment. For a special occasion, you may wish to put mascara on. As you will need to use water based eye makeup remover, waterproof mascara is not an option. If you do decide to put mascara onto your lashes, we ask that you remove all traces of it before your next lash appointment, as it makes it hard to infill onto the lashes. Your lash extensions may then fail.


Sleeping on one side will cause more lash loss on that side over the other. Try to swap sides throughout the night, or best option is to sleep on your back. This goes for wrinkles too..*wink*.!


Please keep regular appointments, every 3 weeks for the best results. If you wait too long, you end up with bigger gaps in your lashes. Your own lashes fall out after about 6-8 weeks, so most of your extensions will be gone in this time. Do not try to remove your lashes yourself, please come to us and we shall do this safely for you.


Please do not try to add extra false eyelashes as a strip, the glue can mean that as you pull off the strip it pulls on your lovely long extensions.

Some people report that having these lashes ‘ruined their own’. There is no real evidence for this. However, we can say that after having the lashes. Your own can appear less, as you have got used to a new length and volume.

Try to keep oils and grease away from your eyes. This will cause more of the lash extensions to fall out as the glue fails.

If you are interested in trying these amazing lashes, book yourself an appointment (you will need a test patch behind your ear).We believe you are going to fall in love with them.