Keep your colour longer

Jun 7, 2017 | Blog

We appreciate that is costs a fair bit to have your hair coloured, and the maintenance and upkeep is something we are not always able discuss in length.


Shampoos and conditioners are the usual culprit for stripping the colour from your hair. Watch for sulphates in the ingredients and try to avoid them. We recommend the Pureology range of colour protecting shampoos and conditioners. They are available from us in the salon before you leave. We also recommend waiting at least 48 hrs before you shampoo after colouring. If you need to shower, pop a shower-cap on, to keep the hot water from washing the colour out.

Hair StylingHair styling

When you want to style hair that has been coloured, then it is best to avoid heat and use UV protective styling products. Coloured hair often suffers from frizzy ends and so regular trims will get it at its best.


Believe it or not, the secret to healthy hair is often in your diet. Biotin, which is great for hair strength, is found in salmon, egg yolks, carrots and sardines. Iron rich foods help feed your hair by building strong keratin, the protein that strengthens hair. Get iron from lean meat, low fat cheese, egg whites spinach and soy. Vitamin C will also help you absorb iron from plant proteins.

Choice of colourRed Head

Your choice of colour will also determine the speed at which it fades. Reds are notoriously quick to lose their lustre, though they tend to last. Bright colours popular with those who are experimenting with rainbows and mermaids will fade fast. Blonde and Brunette colours are longer lasting shades.

Swimmingpexels photo 134690

Chlorine rich swimming pools are the death knell to coloured hair; try a swimming cap to lessen the effects. Rinse/wash out in the shower as soon as you leave the pool.




Salon Visits

To keep your hair colour in tip top condition, make sure to have regular visits to the salon. Doing your roots as soon as they are visible, will help the colour stay consistent.

If you need any other advise, please talk to your hairdresser.