Sep 1, 2015 | Blog

When Randle & Randle opened in February 2014 Jess was our resident nail technician.  Carly joined the team in March 2015 and together they have steadily built a loyal clientele. They specialise in silk and acrylic nail extensions and also gel polish application along with regular manicure and pedicure services.

So what does it take to achieve a fantastic set of nails which stay looking good between salon visits?


You certainly need an eye for detail and the desire for perfection every time.  Fine motor skills play an important role in sizing the tips and ensuring they show no visible attachment or blend lines before silk or acrylic is applied.  By achieving a seamless finish at this stage the overlay product is smooth and ridge free ready for either polish application or gel.  Following on with good homecare advice provided by your technician is a must to protect the good work carried out and give longevity for the structures – so please invest in a pair of rubber gloves for pot washing and cleaning, why pay for a service and ruin it with daily life?


Another skill for a succesful nail technician is the ability to be able to chat with the client and work at the same time! Clients like to be able to talk in a friendly relaxed environment and know the technician is also concentrating on getting the result they want, in the time slot they’ve allocated.  A smiling face and generally good engagement throughout means that the time passes quickly for a client and encourages repeat booking if they’ve had an enjoyable experience.

A professional nail technician will always aim to protect the natural nail, even when applying extensions.  If you’ve ever had any nail trauma you know how painful it is; always tell your technician if it hurts!! It shouldn’t, but there might be occasions when some heat curing on sensitivity might be expected.  There are some products which are used in budget nail salons that are actually banned from use because of the damage they cause to your natural nail; check out the page below and read for yourselves


So what should you expect from Jess and Carly?

When you come for an appointment and you have products already on your nails then a soak off or polish removal will start treatment before they assess the condition of your nails. If there is no damage then your requested service can go ahead.  If they feel that another service from the one booked would be more beneficial, then they would recommend an alternative.  The most important factor for Jess and Carly is that you know what is going on your nails and how you can look after them between visits.  So if you feel unsure of anything, just ask – they know their stuff!