Caring for your hair and skin whilst on holiday

Aug 3, 2017 | Blog

We all love a holiday in sunnier climes; however, we are also likely to neglect our skin and hair, whilst away. Here are a few tips, before you pack to help you keep your hair and skin in tiptop condition whilst still enjoying yourself by the pool or on the beach.


Hair stylingHair can suffer badly on holiday, with swimming and the sun both harming it. Wash your hair as soon as you can after swimming. Wearing a hat or headscarf will not only look fashionable, but also help protect your hair, especially, if you have coloured hair, as the sun will fade the colour quickly. Pack a combo shampoo and conditioner, or grab some of our travel sizes, to save vital suitcase space. Resist the urge to style your hair every day. Embrace the beach waves and go a little Boho. Your hair will thank you, as the  extra drying and heat from your styling wands, hairdryer etc. is not welcome after a day in the sun.


downloadIf the one thing you pack is a sensible amount of sun-cream, then you are half way there to healthy skin after your holiday. Remember, it is probably going to be hot and sticky and the last thing you want is to apply loads of creams and lotions, to get even stickier. If you are using Dermalogica, then you can get some travel-sized products from us, with this month’s great offer of buying two full size products and receiving three travel sizes and bag, or get ready for your holiday with a 60 min pre-holiday facial and grab that same deal. We recommend packing a cleanser, good moisturiser and after sun at the very least. A great toner will also refresh your face during and after the flight.

Please enjoy your holidays and no need to be slavish in your skin routines, just follow these tips to keep sun damage to a minimum.