Looking after your nails between manicures

Jul 4, 2017 | Blog

Beautifully manicured hands and polished nails are very much the trend these days, and with modern gels and polishes, it is even easier to look after them too. Here are some tips to get the best results and eke out the longest time between your manicures.

Go shortdownload 48

Having your nails short allows them plenty of growth, with the minimum of risk of breakages, which can ruin manicures. Short squared nails can look very attractive, especially when you invest in some nail art. They are easier for you to work with too.

Go long

If you are used to long nails, it will be easier for you to take care of them, though you will be at a higher risk of breakage.  If you decide to keep the length, you should have them shaped into an oval or almond shape to resist breakages. Perhaps keep nail glue handy; to repair quickly, should you break a nail.

Go lightNail gel colours

Lighter colours tend not to show the chips and cracks so quickly as dark shades. We have a large selection of lighter colours and are always adding to this.

Go over the top

In the salon Sophie, will put a good topcoat on to seal your manicure. One tip is to topcoat your nails 1-2 a week to help strengthen that coat. Choose a good quality topcoat and use clear strokes over the nail, seal the free edge too. Be careful not to file the free edge, unless necessary as the gel polish is sealed here and ‘caps’ your nail.

Go back

ManicureHealthy cuticles mean healthy nails, so each day push yours back slightly and use a cuticle butter or softener. Clear the debris and dirt from under your nails, every time you need to wash your hands, then apply a good moisturiser and massage in well. We know it is tempting to peel off the gel, there is a slight satisfaction about it, but we ask you not to, nor pick at or bite your nails, as you can really damage the nail and the skin beneath.

Go again

Please return every 2-3 weeks for either an infill or a new colour entirely. You can have your colour infilled to stop the new growth from showing. However, most people love to have a new colour to show off. We will soak off the gel, leaving healthy nails for us to reapply you next exciting colour and nail art.