Beauty Tips from the Dermalogica Experts

Sep 12, 2017 | Blog, Uncategorised

When it comes to healthy skin, you know you can trust Dermalogica to help you to achieve that flawless glowing radiance to your skin. Here we are going to give you some tips on looking after your skin with products from Dermalogica. As always we ask that you discuss any individual skin requirements with your Dermalogica Expert. Amanda is always happy to help you choose the best products for you.

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Winter is Coming

Winter is particularly harsh on sensitive skin, with cooler temperatures then the extremes of hot showers or baths will sap the moisture from your skin leaving it feeling tight, itchy and dull. The lack of oils and moisture will weaken your own skins natural protective barrier, which can leave your skin prone to redness, irritation and, of course, sensitivity.  This is where layering moisture back onto your thirsty skin will aid you.

  1. Washing a face with Dermalogica Cleanser

    Washing your face

    After cleansing try Multi-Active Toner, to rehydrate with Aloe Vera and cucumber.

  2. next will be Skin hydrating booster, apply 6-10 drops onto your skin to plump that parched skin, you could also mix this with your moisturiser.
  3. for an added boost, use the Skin hydrating masque 2-3 times a week. You can apply this at night and it will soak into your skin with its protective antioxidant vitamins.

Summer time skin tips

Summer time is when the sun comes into play with its skin damaging rays. Drying out your skin with sun and chlorine rich pools will make it susceptible to itching and flakiness. If you are unlucky and get caught by the sun and burn, then your skins protective barrier is broken and needs urgent soothing and repair. Damage can occur over time even without burning and so Dermalogica highly recommend a good sunscreen, you could use Dermalogica’s Oil free matte SPF30,  applied regularly and liberally.

  1. Dermalogica Oil free matte SPF30,

    Sun screen

    Exfoliating daily with Daily Microfoliant will help relieve that flakiness. Extra tip-Make-up lasts longer on exfoliated skin. For those less sensitive, the new Daily SuperFoliant has extra antioxidants for skin repair.

  2. Hydrate your skin with Skin hydrating booster and drink plenty of water throughout the day. Extra tip-Keep your toner with your through the day to spritz and cool your skin.
  3. Repair your skin with a power rich or Multi-vitamin power recovery masque 1-2 times a week

Dermalogica Products

If you need any assistance with Dermalogica products and their use, then Amanda or Sophie will be pleased to help you. All Dermalogica products are available to order right from the salon. Book a facial  today.